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How Tech Companies can Attract & Retain Talent with Culture. 

13th June 11AM AEST

I.T. organisations are spending big when it comes to hiring, yet employee turnover is high across the board.

We find that I.T organisations do not have proper visibility of expenditure of each hire and are lacking in proper OnBoarding processes, which increases early attrition and overall employee turnover.

But how can we change this by fostering a high performing culture? 

Find out in our upcoming I.T Webinar:

  • Current challenges facing the I.T. industry,
  • Statistics on job postings, employee turnover & cost/time to hire,
  • Calculating costs within your recruitment and onboarding processes,
  • and how to attract and retain top talent with culture.

Stop losing money because of employee turnover by building a culture that draws in new talent and keeps the talent you have invested in.