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Remuneration & Compensation - Get rid of your Spreadsheets

Remuneration is a great incentive for employees to improve performance and achieve their objectives. But are you properly tracking compensation directly with their performance? See how you can revolutionise how you can reward employees.

Event date: July 10th 2019, 11AM AEST

In our last webinar, we promised we would talk more about compensation & remuneration! This is the webinar you have asked for.

In this webinar, you’ll understand how to manage your compensation and remuneration process in a more efficient and quicker way. Say goodbye to those spreadsheets! We will have special guest Glizcel Ditto, Principal Compensation Specialist at Curo, to ensure we go in depth into getting a solid compensation & remuneration process in place.

In this webinar we will explore:

  • How to do rewards management the right way!
  • Linking Compensation & Remuneration directly with performance
  • Achieving company objectives and driving ROI 
  • How to get rid of those annoying spreadsheets
  • and more!

Your Hosts


                             Lyle Potgieter | PeopleStreme CEO              Glizcel Ditto | Principal Compensation Consultant