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How to move to continuous Performance Management in the Finance Sector

Did you know that more than 80% of Performance Management process are still old world Appraisals completed once a year?

Event date: 8th May 2019, 11AM AEST

Performance Management is a massive source of competitive advantage if implemented correctly.

Managers have been completing appraisals the same old way for years, and will be unwilling to change unless there is a good reason to change. That's why effective change management can help managers realise what's in it for them and help them break out of the Appraisal cycle.

In this webinar we explain the difference between Appraisal/Review and Continuous Performance Management, and explain the 1 on 1 process and how it drives behavioural change.


Successful managers review performance at least monthly. Is your organisation full of high performers?

Performance Management methods like 1 on 1's entail a discussion between managers and employees to review progress on their performance plan. During the process objectives are tested many times over, and quality of objectives increases as they are refined. This means you get to a point where objectives are truly aligned to achieving business outcomes.



What you'll learn if you attend:

  • The state of Performance Management in Australia (The hard facts).
  • What the benefits of Performance Management are for you, your team and organisation as a whole, 
  • How to conduct a successful One on One, 
  • Correct objectives that are off track before it's too late, 
  • Enhance manager & employee communication
  • AND see tangible business outcomes as a result!

Hope to see you there!

Your Host


Jason Black | HR Specialist