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What executives expect from HR in Aged Care

By implementing effective performance management and compliance, unneccessary risk & reputational damage can be avoided.

Event date: July 17th 2019, 11AM AEST

Aged care executives aim to align employees to the company strategy while accelerating company and individual performance.

Implementing a performance management system is key to helping improve both company and individual performance. By creating greater visibility and alignment with company strategy, performance management reduces stress and employee turnover, and in-turn improves strategic outcomes.

With the recent changes in Aged Care Quality Standards, adaptability to change is also increasingly important. Re-aligning employees to new operating plans, whilst re-training and up-skilling them is imperative to the success of the company in the new aged care environment.

In addition, compliance, as always, is a field warranting attention. Online compliance services reduce the time and effort of employees to complete, and reduce risks of non completion, operational and legal costs and potential reputational damage for aged care providers.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Growth Via Acquisition
  • How to increase Residential Care
  • How to adapt to Change in the aged care industry
  • Reduce Risk & Reputational Damage

Your Host


Adrian Baker | Aged Care HRIS Specialist