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Rethink OnBoarding to Boost your Employer Brand

In a world that is more transparent and connected than ever, it’s becoming increasingly clear that employer brands are defined by employee experiences, not marketing teams.
Event date: September 18th 2019, 11AM AEST

Our webinar discusses ways you can increase retention and engagement in Local Government through some simple OnBoarding changes.

You’ve got your hiring plan all mapped out, your job descriptions typed up and job ads published.

Your recruitment team is on standby, but your application inbox is empty... or worse, full of applicants who don't fit the role.

But why? It could well be your employer brand.

What We'll Cover:

  • What's the difference between a good and bad OnBoarding experience (you'll be surprised by the results),
  • What impact can a poor OnBoarding experience have, not only on the employee, 
  • Discover how you can improve the OnBoarding process for local Government organisations.


Below is an example of how ineffective onboarding can cost you thousands!


Hope to see you there!

Your Host


Tim Cincotta | Local Government HR Specialist