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Rethink your HR Strategy for the New Financial Year

Do you have a HR Strategy? You need a HR strategy to properly manage your people and achieve double digit growth. This is the perfect time to look back on the previous financial year and see what you can improve on. We'll show you how...

Event date: August 22nd 2019, 11AM AEST

Did you know that more than 80% of organisations do not have an integrated approach to managing Human Capital?

In this webinar, we'll explore why it's important for your organisation to have a HR strategy, as well as, what makes a good HR Strategy.

What will be covered:

  • Connecting the HR strategy to the business strategy, plan and financial budgets.
  • The 11 important factors you need in your HR Strategy.
  • An example of a successful HR strategy! Let's map it out.
  • What we recommend you do next.

This is a great webinar to really get you on track for the new financial year

Your Host


Lyle Potgieter | CEO, Ascender PeopleStreme